Contributing to Xapian

Xapian is an open source project, depending on a community of volunteers. There are lots of ways of contributing to Xapian:

  • Join our mailing lists or chat channel and help people out.
  • Talk or write about Xapian. By explaining how you’ve used Xapian you not only help spread the word, but also might learn more about Xapian itself.
  • Let us know (either via our bug tracker or by the mailing lists or IRC) if you run into any problems with our documentation, or with bugs you come across while using Xapian.
  • Help improve our documentation, either by suggesting changes or by writing up something on our list of missing documentation.
  • Contribute new features by working on one of our project ideas
  • Tackle an existing bug or feature request, or something you yourself want to see in Xapian.
  • Help others get their changes into shape for inclusion in Xapian.

One of the things this guide will do is take you through the process of getting comfortable with the Xapian codebase and submitting your first “patch”. There’s also lots of more detailed information if you want to get more deeply involved in writing code for Xapian.